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Artist: Freakbreak feat. Tiara
Title: “The Most Important” (Dave Catalyst, S-Tonex & Andrew Ford Mixes)
Label: Glamour Punk
Date: 20/02/2018

A collaboration between Ukraine's house and bass music producer Freakbreak and vocalist Tiara, Glamour Punk is proud to bring you brand new remixes of The Most Important for 2018.

London's Dave Catalyst is first up with a deep and melodic liquid drum & bass excursion, slowing the vocals down and amplifying the emotion with some choice chords and textures. Sicilian producer S-Tonex brings an expertly produced slice of four to the floor, indie-tinged electronica. Finally, Taipei's Bar Code resident Andrew Ford drops monster future bass beats to bring the pack to a close.

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Selected Feedback:      

“Not my cup really, to much drum n bass for my taste, gonna try the S-Tonex remix, thanks”
Tobbe P A.k.a Dj Thessla (SE)
“Really great remixes with melody brought from the original mix. Pleased to hear them all. Due to my addiction to any dnb music Dave Catalyst is my favourite.”
Freakbreak (UA)
“Cool remixes”
Ron Slomowicz (US)
“Nice release”
Dj Gruja (RS)
“Mmmmm so good! Hard to pick a favorite here, but the S-Tonex Remix got me!! ”
John G (US)
“warmer... cool hauting vocal”
Eddie J Santos (GB)
“nicely done”
Miguel Mancha (PT)
“Nice! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“Solid - lovin' Andrew Ford RMX”
Fantom48 (GB)
“Very nice remixes, I'd definitely play them for myself and at house parties etc but they wouldn't fit into the typical kind of sets I currently play out.”
Simon Boulind (ES)
“Cool Dnb remix”
Ed Lee (GB)
“Some great mixing going on in these mixes.”
Neil Brown (GB)
“S-Tonex remix for me ;)”
Dimix (BE)
Kris Von (BG)
“Love drum & bass ”
Groove Analyzer (DE)
“S - Tonex Remix does it for me but all are good!”
Danny Slade (GB)
“My favorite is Andrew Ford.”
Dj Coldfield (SC)
“S-Tonex rmx is cool”
David Vendetta (FR)
“great jobs”
Jerem A (FR)
“Good selection of mixes, Dave Catalyst has it for me”
Bughouse Loco (GB)
“3 different and cool sounds. Love!”
S-Tonex (IT)
“Big tune!”
Dj Manuel Perez (FR)
“S-Tonex Remix FOR ME!”
Nonion Breed (GR)
“Nice song. S-Tonex mix is my fave.”
Alex Blanco (GB)
“Andrew Ford mix is cool”
Marco Mei (TW)
“I do love some d'n'b from time to time, not something that I can use in my show, but I do like Dave's remix the most of this package. All though original mix still is my favourite! Thanks!”
Artie Flexs (LV)
“cool tracks”
Aleksij (SI)
“Dave Catalyst for me , such great prog breaks!!!”
D-Phrag (BG)
“Invigorating mix from Dave Catalyst - support on Phoole & the Gang ([url]) via!”
Dj Phoole (US)
“Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered to Don Diablo, EDX, Dannic, Chicane, PvD, Kryder and more. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton. [email]   ”
Andi Durrant (GB)
“Sweet Remix from Dave Catalyst!”
Tyler Stadius (CA)
“Love the vocal !!! great remix :)”
Edwin Jack (FR)
“Great to hear some fresh new versions of this track. They're all on it & difficult to choose between them.”
Fallow (GB)
“Dave Catalyst Rmx is very nice, S-Tonex Rmx also cool, thanks!”
Sebocat (AT)
“Dave Catalyst Remix is good!”
Different Grooves (IT)
“S-Tonex mix for me mate!”
Louk (GB)
“Cool pack, thanks!”
Emran (RU)
“lovely dnb mix”
Red Beard (DE)
“great track and a very nice package with all kind of mixes. also like the drum and bass mix a lot. Give the track lots more of energy ”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“fantastic tune ”
Scott Reilly (AU)
“S-Tonex Mix is really cool”
Stephan Grondin (CA)
“Broad mix set. All skillfully done. S-Tonex good for bar sets. Absolutely love the Dave Catalyst Remix but limited opportunity to play.”
Phil England (GB)
“Like liquid vibe in the Dave Catalyst remix and the laid-back S-Tones re-work. Thanks!”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Love the drum-n-bass version.”
Dancefloor Mayhem (US)
“Not my style, but REALLY digging the Dave Catalyst Remix! MEGA!”
Aaron F (GB)
“Andrew Ford Remix for me!”
Sonic Seven (AT)
“Great release. Great vocals and the Dave Catalyst Remix is excellent!”
Harry Frank Towers (US)

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