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Artist: DJ Groove feat. Charlie Armstrong
Title: “We Love House Music” (Original, DJ Nikk & Techcrasher, Supacooks Mixes)
Label: Glamour Punk
Date: 03/12/2014

DJ Groove and Charlie Armstrong love house music.

DJ Nikk & Techcrasher think house music is pretty damn awesome. Supacooks really, really dig that house music sound.

Glamour Punk adores house music.

And you? You love it too, you knows it.

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Selected Feedback:      

“Like DJ Nikk's Remix!”
C&m Productions (CH)
“play thanks 4 the music”
Marco Mei (TW)
“nikk and tech for me!”
Alex Blanco (GB)
“funky + pumping house beats...a beast of a track”
Red Beard (CR)
“Original mix is awesome!!!”
Dimix (BE)
“Downloading music for Something Global (radio show / podcast), check [url] for plays.”
Steve'butch'jones (GB)
“quality as always”
Phil Vid (GB)
“Cool release.. will be a bomb”
Ton De Kruyf (NL)
“will play it in my radio show Housecore MAG (broadcasted on more then 20 radio stations on fm & online all around the globe with more then 100000 listeners every show, every week) - playlist check at [url]”
Bk Duke (DE)
“Love it! I mean it's not doing anything new or clever but there's nothing wrong with the formula of a big House anthem vocal, monster piano and chunky bassline when it's done so well! Will definitely be playing all 3 mixes at some point, but had to pick one for the reaction so Nikk & Tech it is :-)”
Miles Slater (HK)
“good, thanks!”
Filatov (RU)
“original is for me”
Artego (RU)
“Supacooks Remix Rocks !”
Mehdi Electromix (FR)
“nice one :)”
Funky Junction (US)
“All great but the bassline that Supacooks have served up is the one for me! Another top release for Glamour Punk!”
Adrian Kay (AD)
“big room chooooonage!!!!!!for real!!!!!”
Dj Dice (US)
“Will support. Thanks!”
Oleg Uris (UA)
“nice sound, thanks ::”
Kenny Brian (PE)
“Oh man this is just off the scale for dirty dopeness, thanks!”
Dave Pineda (CA)
“Cool music over here, support from me”
Oded Nir (NL)
“original Mix does it for me...”
Mike Ivy (US)
“Downloading for Andi Durrant. He'll let you know if he’s playing the tracks on his show. Suzanne Chesterton. [email]”
Andi Durrant (GB)
“Good work! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“Big track with very strong mixes - top stuff!”
Nick Hook (GB)
“Thank You!”
Dj Youdai (TH)
“Top tune, cant choose between the mixes......! Nice job”
G-Bace (GB)
“We sure do! supporting in our upcoming 'Klubbsounds' radioshow :-)”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“House is makes a resurgence and we're definitely falling in love all over again..Supacooks make magic in the kitchen here!”
Rose & Paul (CA)
“Feels like Housemusic! timeless means good! thx for sending”
Vincent Vega (RU)
“I'm in love! massive! original woooow! both mixes are supercool! 10/10”
Alex Vives (UA)
Dj Groove (RU)
“I 100% LOVE every single one of these mixes! what an amazing final release of 2014! F*************K!”
Aaron F (GB)
“quite a nice selection here - original works well for me thanks :)”
Plastik Perversion (GB)
“whaoooo bomba nice release to finish the year I agree totally”
Dj Ds (FR)
“will work”
John Candy (RU)
“Wickedly what House is Really all about... Such a big tune... such a tiny dance floor? So many dancers... so little time...”
Neil Brown (GB)
“Nice pumping beats and bass. DJ Nikk & Techcrasher Remix is the winner for me. Support on Ideal Clubworld Radio.”
Beatdoctor (NO)
“mmmm....i remember something..... well done!!!full of PASSION!!!”
Gianluca Motta (IT)
“Nice package !!!”
Jan Vervloet (BE)
Wayne Logan (GB)
“Nice release !”
Darren Braddick (GB)
“Good stuff! Really like the DJ Nikki mix!”
Kev Green (GB)
“the Supacooks Remix is my favorite track. thanks for sending!”
Different Grooves (IT)
“and again at the height of the original !!! )”
Dj Skrip (RU)
“Nice,thanks !”
Kris Von (BG)
“Good work!!!”
Dj 19 (JP)
“Damn! I can't decide which one is the best! So good!”
Thomas Hallin (SE)
“what a tune...makes you smile”
Si Paul (Lost Witness) (GB)
“Original Mix”
Andrei Kuzmin (RU)
“Supacooks defo cool. Great on that one:!!!”
Wilson Costa (FR)
“All tracks are great. Very good release. Thank you!”
Norbert Meszes (HU)
“That original is just a great peak time track. When the bass line kicks OMG!”
Dj Bennyhy (GB)
“'You knows it!' LOL Loving all 3 but it's Techcrasher for me! Support on Phoole & the Gang on Ideal ClubWorld Radio. -- Phoole xx”
Dj Phoole (US)
“"In There Like Swimwear" BOOOM! What a belter. They're all great mixes but I'm drawn to the 'DJ Nikk & Techcrasher' remix. Great release to end the Glamour year & keep that quality coming :-)”
Fallow (GB)
“Really HOT tune!”
Beethoven Tbs (IT)
“uptempo speedgarage, ready for 2015 :-) YESSSSS”
Martijn Dazzle (NL)
“Great vibe on the Nikk & Techcrasher Remix! Who doesn't love house music? :))”
John G (US)
“Great classic feel good house music! Thank you! :-)”
Le Brion (US)
“Nice release, thanks for sending :)”
Dj Wad (MU)
“Massive ep .bringing back the amazing flavors of the summerish Ibiza tunes! We Love House music for sure :) thx”
Amir Sharara (AE)
“Nice! will try out, thank you”
Jj Mullor (ES)
“Good Remixes! Pure House!”
Juanfra Munoz (ES)
“Great track, support”
Chad Jack (US)
“Loving it! everything great about house music in 1 record! just makes me smile ”
Giggsy (GB)
“Orig would be amazing if it had a dub.”
Louk (GB)
“Love this record! - I need a dub or better yet - an instrumental and acapella so I can do my own edit:)”
Richard Vission (ZZ)
“so so good! great feeling tune!”
Dj Taj (US)
“nice track thanks for sharing”
Andrea Martini (DK)
“Cheeky & tasty. Support. :-)”
Simon Sinfield (GB)
“Great sounds! Original Mix and Supacooks remix is very cool! Thanks!”
Artie Flexs (LV)
“DJ Nikk & Techcrasher rmx is my favourite. Well done uplifting banger!”
Widenski (EE)
“Ripped groove feel to this banger :)”
Tom Frost (GB)
“nice - I like both remixes”
Sonic Seven (AT)
“Nice. Like the remixes.”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Solid production on this. Nice energy.”
Frank Lamboy (US)
“This is exactly made for me - good time house music, big fun! Great remixes too... Full mixgeselle support!”
Mixgeselle (DE)
“Nice stuff, original is my best pick”
Yakka (HR)
“love it , def be using this tune out”
Dj Skoota (AU)
“LOVE THIS. The best bass sound is on the supacooks mix.”
Nippa (GB)
“Glamour Punk ;) You Rock!!! Damn good Ep, all 3 are good.. full support. Groovy as hell Nikk & Techcrasher's work. Thanks”
Zak Gee (GB)
“the perfect remix by Supacooks Remix, good vocal & vibration!!!”
Igor Nikitin (RU)
“Great Track, Full Support. Would be nice to hear a deeper underground mix of this too :)”
Lex Loofah (GB)
“Great tune, particularly liking the original and Supacooks remix!”
Kickflip (GB)
“We love house music!!!”
Dj Sens (RU)
“Absolutely love this! So much energy!”
Mojaxx (GB)
“thanks for the sounds.”
Dj Infinity (CA)
“Original version best for me! Full support!”
Mazai (RU)
“Three great mixes. Perfect end of year track that brings together a great vocal stab and classic pianos!”
Richard Dally (GB)
“Wow very nice EP! DJ Nikk & Techcrasher Remix and Supacooks Remix are my favourite, thx!”
Sebocat (AT)
“DJ Nikk & Techcrasher Remix for me! really great track!”
Camilo Diaz (CO)
“this is great! my fav mixes are : DJ Nikk ahd Supacooks Remix.. full support”
Stephan Grondin (ZZ)
“Sweet release this strings of life stylee :)”
Paul Jacobson (GB)
“Great job... play & support it!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
“hooooo massive bomb !!!! 15/10 love it full support big voice great groove !! nice one”
Jerem A (FR)

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