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Artist: Rob Nutek
Title: “Is Anybody Out There?” (Laid Off Remix)
Label: Glamour Punk
Date: 11/01/2014

Finland's Laid Off get their svelte remix hands on Rob Nutek's Is Anybody Out There? and the result is pure quality - disco-fied drums, a wash of keys and ostinato, a deep bubbling b-line, and the vocals in pride of place.

Blissful on point vibes all the way from Glamour Punk. Out February 2014.

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Selected Feedback:      

“Just brilliant, smooth mix, soulful, it's perfectly mixed... WELL DONE.”
Miled Moussa (BH)
“Nice tune. A dub version would be pretty dope as well, if it's in the works at all.”
Rj Pickens (US)
“Smoooooothe n Funky Me Likes!!”
Alex P (GB)
“Nice, will give this a try, thanks!”
Lrcn (US)
“Cool track ! Nice”
Bass Fly (FR)
“nice'n'chillin track - will try it!”
Steve Cole (Schallbox Records) (CH)
“great, thanks”
Rene Beer (HR)
“really cool song.”
Da Lukas (IT)
“F@cking love this!!!!!!! makes me want to dance and chill at the same time! Super layering of beats and vocal..Just awesome!”
John G (US)
“Nice, Thanks!!”
Luca Lento (IT)
“Nice disco house groove”
Dancefloor Mayhem (US)
“great remix”
Cory Centric (AE)
“Nice Track, Thanks!”
Junior K (GB)
“Great track, will play for sure!”
Zweiklang (DE)
“Sexy, smooth, plus energy for the floor, top stuff!!!”
Aslak Aka Potholes (FI)
Rose & Paul (CA)
“Cool track. Something for my mix show on Gaydio on Sundays!”
Phil Marriott (GB)
“Love it!”
Thomas Hallin (SE)
“Great track. Thanks!”
Escribano (ES)
“Downloading to try out, thanks”
Roger Sanchez (US)
“Nice track. Good little bit of deep house!”
Kev Green (GB)
“Liking the chords, is good for a warm up! Would love a nice techno remix in a Vitalic style, would work VERY well!”
Louk (GB)
“Laid Off remix is amazing”
Dj Gogzy (HR)
“Very nice remix, will play it for sure! Thx!”
Sebocat (AT)
“Love the laid back groove, just my cuppa tea :0)~~ will be supporting this on my recovery sessions”
Silver K (GB)
“nice mix”
Christian Homan (IE)
“Cool remix!Thnx)”
B-Max (Incepto) (UA)
“Wow, Stunning rmx, Will play & support”
Jan Reecher (FI)
“Very good track !!!”
Luis Del Villar (ES)
“dat vibes... grabbing, thank you!”
Stargliders (RU)
“Amazing record! Will support and present in my radio show. Thanks!”
Oleg Uris (RU)
“Nice laidback feel to this one”
Matt Black (GB)
“Great stuff!”
Aleksij (SI)
“Fantastic remix here Moussa, full support. Putting together my new Hot Mix, its in the shortlist Cheers Paul :)”
Paulie (GB)
“Top remix - with nice end of night feel to it - full support!”
Nick Hook (GB)
“Perfect for my sunset sets!”
Juanfra Munoz (ES)
“Love the deep vibe!”
Jonas Vogel (SE)
“downloading for , thanks for sending”
Different Grooves (IT)
“Nice but not quite for me thanks”
Jaytech (US)
“Defo getting onto this sound now :)”
Paul Jacobson (GB)
“Very nice, deep and disco!”
Sl Curtiz (DE)
“Nice remix solid production”
Lex Loofah (GB)
“hooo yesss awesome remix like it mann”
Jerem A (FR)
“very nice remix, thanks”
Andro V (BG)
“Fantastic tune”
Greg Churchill (NZ)
“Very groovy”
Serotonin Thieves (GB)
“Nice tune. would work perfect in my current the disco vibes! thx”
Amir Sharara (AE)
“Very nice groover - quality production. Great feeling on this track. Looking forward to playing . Many Thanks!”
Robin Axford (Ministry/worldwide) (RU)
“Nice work, i like it, thanks!”
Norbert Meszes (HU)
“Very nice! Love that classic moogy bass!”
Johan De Kock (ZA)
Tiesto (NL)
“nice chill disco vibes.”
Hanuman Tribe (DE)
“Wicked remix! Full support!!”
Jon Lee (US)
“Great Deep Journey House Vibes. Going straight into my car playlist!! Can see radio getting this too.”
Dylan Mutiny (GB)
“very nice, downloading thanks.”
Alfonso Padilla (CO)
“Good work! Like this deep sound.”
Night Train (RU)
“Like the disco feel to this! support on my show on [url] - Giggsy”
Giggsy (GB)
“might try this, has a deep vibe they may go in the sets. Thanks”
Sasha Le Monnier (JE)
“Great Track - thanks for the music Moussa Download for Marco Mei - Bicycle Corporation Italy”
Marco Mei (TW)
“Very blissed out nu-disco - lovely!”
Lizzie Curious (GB)
“Downloading for JPG”
J Paul Getto (US)
“this mix is great too moussa :)”
Dj Minty (GB)
“nice track, support”
Lama (PT)
Matheus Tusikas Schutz (BR)
“lovely disco vibes”
James Wilson (GB)
“Great bassline! Would be nice on the runway! Look forward to using it at a Fashion event soon!”
Sasha Sambi (IN)
“downloading for [url] :)”
Steve'butch'jones (GB)
“So cool remix!!”
Massar (JP)
“Cool track, thanks.”
David Vendetta (FR)
“really nice mix but sticking with original which was on and is on my show last week and this week S”
Si Paul (Lost Witness) (GB)
“Like this !”
Mark Doyle (GB)
“Nice track! Great groove”
Dimix (BE)
“Downloading for Max Graham. Please check Cycles Radio for support. Thanks!”
Max Graham (US)
“Nice Funky groove! Support! Thank you!”
Le Brion (US)
“Great deep track!”
Lucap (IT)
“Great addition to the other mixes. Another quality promo:)”
Fallow (GB)
“good one, will try it!”
Sezer Uysal (TR)
“cool track...”
Mike Ivy (US)
“What a sexy groove man!”
Alex Webber (IT)
“this is cool !!”
Eelke Kleijn (NL)
“Sexy Vibe.”
Frank Lamboy (US)
“perfick warm up gear :)”
Robin Burt (AU)
“good work! nice mood)”
Breaking News (RU)
“Will play it for sure!!!”
Wilson Costa (FR)
“Great track! My Support. Thank you”
Svet (Megapolis Fm / Extra Sound) (RU)
“Amazing track, 100% for me, supporting! Thanks”
Vadim Soloviev (RU)
“Very cool track for the cooler floors, gets my support”
Alan Hartley (GB)
“Handy for my Nu Disco/Deep House sets”
Aldrin (SG)
“solid produced, deep and kicking.”
Lorenzo Al Dino (CH)
“Very nice thank you! :)”
Harael Salkow (ZA)
“Good work! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“Awsome track ! Love it.”
Titicaliente (FR)
Kohsuke Galaxy (JP)
Dezarate (AE)
“Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci zipDJ / Hi-Bias /”
Nick Fiorucci (PH)
“very soulful and laid back very good rmx,love it!!!!!!!”
Dj Dice (US)
“Always look forward to different remixes of my work, this really is awesome. great job”
Rob Nutek (GB)
“like deep”
Dj Youdai (CN)
“Beautiful tune, it would be so nice with sexy female singing :)”
Yakka (HR)
“Very nice! chilled tune, love it.. will support! like allways let me know few days before release date:)”
Peter Pr0Gressiveh0Use (HR)
“Great track. Not really what I play, but super cool :-)”
Paul Moore (GB)
“Love this and will be using alot !! keep up the great work”
Jay Kay (GB)
“great remix! :))”
Ekala (GE)
“Nice laid back remix. Great groove!”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Nice. Great laidback vibe”
Risksoundsystem (NL)
“A lovely house trip... I like it!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
Sonic Seven (AT)
“Not what I'm playing, but great bit of work!”
Kickflip (GB)
“Really cool sound!”
Igor Nikitin (RU)
“Very nice for early sets and radio (Arch44 Podcast). Thanks for sending.”
Arkay (GB)
“I like this a lot!”
Meri (EE)
“lush + chilled nudisco soundscapes...perfect to set the mood!”
Red Beard (CR)
“Loving the vibes here, what a fantastic track!”
Dj Bennyhy (GB)
“Smooth deep perfect”
Dj Taj (US)
“nice release”
Niki Belucci [Radio Fg] (RU)
“Smooth. Cool disco vibes with a 80's feel”
Jorgensen (NL)
“nicey nice sirrrrr”
Marc Leaf (GB)
“Great job on the remix!”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“Nice remix !”
Kris Von (BG)
“great stuff”
Claes Rosen (SE)
“nice one :)”
Eazy M (DE)
“very happy... like it!”
Mark J (ES)
“great remix”
Phil Vid (GB)
“liking the remix. goood early hours material”
Pure Substance (MY)
“good production sounds great, full suport”
Christian Hss (MK)
“Proper house sounds. Thanx guys!”
Dj Pookie (RS)
“Coolness, killer groove that remix got, fresh disco vibes, loving it!!”
Hady Tarek (EG)
“Loving the chilled vibes! SUPPORT!”
Aaron F (GB)
“Full support on today's radio shows (Voice FM, UK & Radio 1 Mallorca)”
Ridney (GB)
“Nice groove. Would love an instrumental of this.”
Alex Blanco (GB)
“Yeah – Not bad this. I will play this in the coming weeks.”
Neil Brown (GB)
“Cool track! good bassline and that arpegio gives really great ambient. thanks for sharing”
Camilo Diaz (CO)
“Sweet laid-back vibe! Will find a way to support on Phoole & the Gang on IdealClubWorld Radio!”
Phoole (US)
“nice remix!”
Mauro Gi (US)
“Fantastic! Full support! AK Awesome track ... my top promo of the week to be played avery show this month”
Adrian Kay (AD)
“class, will feature on next weeks radio show”
Jimmy Kennedy (GB)
“nice - support”
Chad Jackson (GB)
“good vibe here. good 4 pre-party)”
Artego (RU)
“Works great ! Thanks mate.”
Dj Cyril K (FR)
“Nice remix! Thanks!”
Artie Flexs (LV)
“YES, really nice vibe here... thanks you ::”
Kenny Brian (PE)
“reminds me of daft Punk Get Lucky for some reason, that can only be a good thing. Will look to play soon”
Antony Angell (GB)
“laid off is layed back”
Dj Infinity (CA)
“very nice! Like it!”
Flash Brothers (IL)
“Super Class Sound! I Love it!”
Jj Mullor (ES)

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