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Artist: Paul Kennedy
Title: “Nobody's Fool” (Part 3)
Label: Glamour Punk
Date: 21/05/2013

Glamour Punk proudly presents the final instalment of mixes for Paul Kennedy's summery feel good belter Nobody's Fool.

Italy's Dimo from Usefull Records pounds out the big house beats, and Moroccan Glamour Punker Sums brings it all deep and emotional and groovy in one of his finest mixes to date.

Last but not least, Parisian stalwarts and bloggers' darlings Fat Phaze unleash their daft disco scissors for a mix that will satisfy French electronic new wave fans everywhere.

We're going all the way on Beatport June 2013...

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Selected Feedback:      

“Sums Remix is nice! Thanks!”
Kohsuke Galaxy (JP)
“May try Dimo Remix, thanks for sending!”
Lrcn (US)
“Love the French House. It's finally back at full force!”
Maragakis (US)
“Great Mixes Big Summer Tune!”
Alex P (GB)
“Dimo Remix my favorite”
Dj Ds (FR)
“Dimo perfectly work for me!”
Dj Breeth (SK)
Shingo Nakamura (JP)
“The Dimo mix is pure peaktime.....but Sums has hit the spot for me on this one with his 'less is more' approach...pure class”
Robin Burt (US)
“Nice addition to an already strong package”
Si Paul (Lost Witness) (GB)
“Nice remix package! It's like there's a version for different parts of the hot summer day :) Thanks!”
Madjam (LB)
“Good work! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“I like the Dimo Remix!”
Paola Peroni (IT)
“The Sums remix is heavy, will try it out! Thanks”
Nino Anthony (US)
“nice updates”
Christian Homan (IE)
“wooow awesome my friends”
Jerem A (FR)
“Dimo mix for me, thanks! = Kenneth Thomas”
Paul Oakenfold (US)
“Nobody's Fool Sums Remix is really good for me! Will also try Dimo Remix”
Bobi (MK)
“Dimo best!”
Dj Sens (RU)
“cool! Will play on show..”
Miami House Party (GB)
“Great job!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
“I like both Sums and Dimo's mix, will support at Ministry in a few weeks”
Gavyn Mitchel (GB)
“Still supporting this one. Great tune! also the dino remix is a job nice done :-)”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“Nice one. Thank you. Download for DJ Wad.”
Dj Wad (MU)
“Sums and Dimo remixes are the bests for sure. The melodies and harmonies in the Sums remix, made all the difference. High quality here. The grooves, chords and pads are very good. Really liked and will support here on Progress. Thanks!!.”
Matheus Tusikas Schutz (BR)
“SUPER!!! i'm freelancer”
Nkopytov (RU)
“Some decent dubby affairs here...”
Neil Brown (GB)
“Dimo remix is good :)”
Chad Jack (US)
“Thanks for the Music Fat Phaze Remix work for me Download for Marco Mei (Bicycle Remix - Italy)”
Marco Mei (TW)
“The Dimo mix is really nice :-)”
Phil Byron (GB)
“Supported by” (GB)
“Nice laidback grooves”
Matt Black (GB)
“solid dancetunes”
Dj Infinity (CA)
“Sums remix!”
Different Grooves ( (IT)
Tiesto (NL)
“Dimo Remix is very nice and my favorite, Sums remix is also good, thx!”
Sebocat (AT)
“Dimo remix is nice”
Dj Gogzy (HR)
“thnx! will play it in our radioshow Dancekraft!”
Artego (RU)
“superb track ' full support from me”
Wayne Logan (GB)
“Cool beats”
Matt Darey (AU)
“Dimo's Remix is the one for me, but the other ones are great! super fun release. full support!”
Alex Ryan (US)
“Nice release, i will play on my set, Thx a lot”
Dezarate (AE)
“Awsome Track...i will be rocking that dimo rmx real hard!!!!!!”
Dj Dice (US)
“me like! ) gonna play hard”
Igor Gladkiy (KZ)
“Luvin the Sums remix!”
Manchini (LT)
“Thank you. Downloading for Markus.”
Markus Schulz (US)
“Really hard to choose a favorite! All three mixes are flashback flawless in their own way! Summer is finally here:))”
John G (US)
“Loving the deepness of Sums Remix, Dimo is great too! Fat Phaze is def a unique sounding remix to the others on the pack! Great work by all!”
Mr Wilson (AU)
“Dimo Remix for me! Thanks”
Vadim Soloviev (RU)
“love this track”
Phil Vid (GB)
“I like the disco / 70s feeling of all tunes. Dimo's remix is nicest of all 3!”
Matt Labour (NL)
“retry the download -”
Chris Wilson (AU)
“Ok remix ..”
Ton De Kruyf (NL)
“Dimo Remix works,great job!”
Peter Knipmeijer (NL)
“will try”
Filatov (RU)
“Sums have something great and different from the other ones. The work on drums is kinda impressive. For sure, Fat Phaze has something Daft-ish, maybe too much in the Tron film way. Dimo offers a great disco house alternative to bang the clubs.That is actually a great remix as well. Certainly the best on the serie with Matao remix. Actually two club killers remixes.”
Wilson Costa (FR)
“awesome awesome tunes! love the sums & dimo remixes! fire!!”
Dj Taj (US)
“Love the track! Sums remix for me”
Dimix (BE)
“Fat Phaze remix is a cool take on it!”
Kickflip (GB)
Zhang Youdai (NO)
“Great Package!”
Johan De Kock (ZA)
“Very retro Daft Punk, love it”
Jon Fitz (CY)
“sums mix for me great stuff full support dude got any more of your mixshows :) ill air them for you”
Dj Minty (GB)
“Fat Phaze is nice! Thanks!”
Andrew Benson (RU)
“disco is back ..”
Dj Steven (BG)
Michael Paterson (GB)
“downloading for joe t vannelli thx”
Joe T Vannelli (IT)
“sums remix for me!!! thanks!!!”
Andy Spinelli (ES)

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