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Artist: Moussa Clarke & John Ashby
Title: “Much Better” (Part 2)
Label: Glamour Punk
Date: 26/09/2012

Ahhhhh there you go, things are really looking up now. It's part two of the promo pack of Moussa Clarke & John Ashby's latest club shaker, "Much Better". Our long-time Russian pal and Intricate Records whizz Vadim Soloviev delivers an absolute stormer of a mix, with his signature quality production and musical skills to the fore. Portugal's Phonic Lounge, aka Romao and Tempero, take it into deeper territory, while Brazil's Disquoburners give us a deliciously retro and funked up mix, complete with awesome live sax and guitar licks.

Out October 18th 2012 on Glamour Punk.

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Selected Feedback:      

“The Vadim Soloviev remix is grooving all the right places!”
Kris O'neil (DK)
“Phonic Lounge Remix is my fav, thanks!”
Norbert Meszes (HU)
“hard to decide. all mixes are quality. goin for the vadim banger this time. thx!”
Erick Decks (DE)
“Sweet little mix from Vadim (Andrew GE A&R)”
Gareth Emery (GB)
“great remixes!! Love the house funk!!”
Mr Wilson (AU)
“Nice, I'll play it!”
Virus J (House Of Virus) (LT)
“Phonic Lounge fits my style best”
Spencer Gordon (US)
“support - Vadim Soloviev RMX! awesome remix”
Artego (RU)
“Well done guys! Thanks! - Onionz”
Onionz (US)
“The best! Very cool sounds! Disco House is back!”
Dj Sens (RU)
“Massive release. Dig the Vadim Soloviev Mix on this pack. Good job.”
Sl Curtiz (DE)
“Vadim Soloviev Remix is the one we like here, good work!”
Flash Brothers (IL)
“Phonic Lounge rocks”
Funky Junction (US)
“thanks.sounds nice so far. will listen to it later.pls check tracklists at [url] if support”
Kyau (DE)
“Again - a Fantastic release! Soloviev Remix works as hell.. thanks! Meri”
Dj Meri (EE)
“all the mixes are firing on all proverbial fours, CANNOT choose a fav mix, wicked work by all involved, gives me back my faith in dance music ( which I can very very close to totally losing )”
Mike Mckenna (JP)
“Nice !”
Harael Soulcandi (ZA)
“ALL 3 mixes are great...but the Disquoburners Remix is a killer!”
Miled Moussa (BH)
“sick as hell baseline! jumpin! <3 it!!!!!!”
Dj Taj (US)
“Downloading on behalf of Andi Durrant for Capital FM / Riley & Durrant. Andi will get back to you with reactions and feedback if he’s playing it on the radio – Thanks - Luciano”
Andi Durrant (GB)
“very smooth!!! love it!”
Dj Dice (US)
“It has been very strange to find 3 tracks of 3 different genres! Cool to find a trance remix of Vadim Soloviev, def my fav. support by”
Different Grooves (IT)
“Top release. As much as I probably wouldnt play it out Disquoburners mix is ACE! Really love Vadim's which I will be playing.”
Greg Churchill (NZ)
“Great Funky Sounds bro”
Alex P (GB)
“Solid release. Digging the proper House vibes, but I think the Vadim Soloviev Remix will sit well in my live sets this fall.”
Radio Jack (CN)
“wicked pack!”
Pure Substance (MY)
“nice one!”
Zhang Youdai (US)
“Loving the Vadim Soloviev Remix!!”
Hady Tarek (EG)
“Vadim Soloviev is hot.”
Paul Jacobson (GB)
“Great tune! Congrats on Jaytech support :-)”
Philb (GB)
“Vadim did a good job, love it.”
Dj Chewie (CN)
“hot sequel - love the phonic deepness”
Chris Wilson (AU)
“Top Class prog!”
Johan De Kock (unknown)
“wicked package of mixes.”
David Dunne (GB)
“The Disquoburners remix is on FIRE. Definitely spinning on my show on!”
Dj Phoole (US)
“Support for Vadick)”
Filatov (RU)
“phonic lounge for me!!thanks!!!”
Andy Spinelli (ES)
“this is a crackin track respect on the mix too jumpin”
Dj Minty (GB)
“Thanks for the service! Downloading for Nick Fiorucci c/o Hi-Bias/zipDJ/zipCAST”
Nick Fiorucci (PH)
“Great funky one :-)”
Stephan Grondin (ZZ)
“I like all 3 mixes, will support to the max!!”
Gavyn Mytchel (GB)
“Good stuff - really like the Phonic Lounge Remix.”
Nick Hook (GB)
“Like it!!!”
Phil Vid (GB)
“nice pack”
Rio De La Duna (FR)
“Vadim Soloviev Remix is very hot. Will Support. MUZIK”
Muzik (ZA)
“Def in the playlist crate, cheers!”
Dave Pineda (CA)
“Thank you. Downloading for Markus.”
Markus Schulz (US)
“Will support the Vadim mix. Overall again a nice production!”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“Why I can't favourite all? hahaha. LOVED LOVED LOVED ALL remixes!!!.”
Matheus Tusikas Schutz (BR)
“All are nice, but Vadim Soloviev Remix is my favorite, support!”
Dj Lrcn (US)
John Gibbons (IE)
“i think the disquoburners remix for me”
Sonic Seven (AT)
“Phonic Lounge & Disqouburners for me! Nice pack!”
Dj Lutique (UA)
“Outstanding set of mixes. Really hard to pick a favourite as I can potentially use them all. Wow. I'll get on it!”
Phil England (GB)
“Great job!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
Tiesto (NL)
“DiscoBurners mix is soooo good and very usable at different points of the night, during warm up and mid-flow it keeps the dancefloor moving nicely, thank you guys”
Andy Saunders (GB)
“digging that funk remix mate”
Timo Garcia (GB)
“Soloviev Rmx is good for my set”
Marco Mei (TW)
“Thank you for the music you sent us! We look forward to reviewing it. Should we decide to use your material we will notify you as soon as possible...”
Fedde Le Grand (NL)
“wouuu big all remix are big full support many thanks”
Jerem A (FR)
“vadim remix for me”
Dimix (BE)

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