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Artist: Edwin Jack
Title: “One & Only” (Sanny X Mixes)
Label: Glamour Punk
Date: 06/11/2017

A Glamour Punk D.I.S.C.O alert!

DMC mix legend Sanny X takes on remix duties for Parisian producer and DJ Edwin Jack's super feel good One & Only, with a little help from Belgrade rhythm guitarist Funky Spacer. C'est chic, n'est-ce pas?

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Selected Feedback:      

“cool release. thanks!”
Emran (AZ)
Deekey (RU)
“Loving the Sister Sledge sample! This track is so right on for my show I can't get over it! More like his please!”
Harry Frank Towers (US)
“exactely my style! big love!”
Discoboys (DE)
Aaron F (GB)
“Strong commercial disco track from EJ, nicely mixed by Sanny.”
Jamie Topham (GB)
“Juicy tunes”
Groove Analyzer (DE)
“Thank you sanny X amazing remix ”
Edwin Jack (FR)
“Great use of the vocal samples. Really liking this track!”
John G (US)
“Not sure when the hell I'll get a chance to play this... but going to enjoy trying to find out. ”
Alex Blanco (DE)
“Reminds me of 2000! Not a bad thing!”
Louk (GB)
“Brilliant work, masterpiece collab... Loving the vibe. The club mix is my fav!!! Support”
Zak Gee (GB)
“Love this!”
John Gibbons (AT)
“amazing... really cool track!”
Dj Chiavistelli (IT)
“Loving the entire release! Support on Phoole & the Gang - [url] - via #TheChewb at!”
Dj Phoole (US)
Different Grooves (IT)
“Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered to Don Diablo, EDX, Dannic, Chicane, PvD, Kryder and more. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton. [email] ”
Andi Durrant (GB)
“This is just awesome! :) Thanks!”
Artie Flexs (LV)
“support for this ”
Jim Shaft Ryan (GB)
“Thanks for all the great feedback and i must say that i love the original song so it was really a pleasure to make this remix. Also wanted to clarify that i have not used any S Sledge samples since i don't need to, Funky Spacer is in the house ;) The chord structure is from the original version but i have emphasised certain notes in combination with Funky’s guitar riffs to get this disco vibe. If the mix gives you some kind of S Sledge or Chic vibe, well that's exactly why i do these kind of mixes, to keep the Chic vibe alive!”
Sanny X (SE)
“Very likable piece of disco house. Good for town centre bar/club”
Phil England (GB)
“Sanny X Instrumental feat. Funky Spacer”
Kirillich (RU)
“nice track. thanks”
No Hopes (RU)
“NICE Sanny X Club Mix feat. Funky Spacer ”
Marco Mei (TW)
“Cool release. Thanks.”
Norbert Meszes (HU)
“very nice track - real funky vibes on this!”
The Chewb (GB)
“Very nice, thanks for sending this over Moussa....”
Dean Facer (GB)
“Great track”
Sugarstarr (AT)
“cool track”
Aleksij (SI)
Mike Ivy (US)
“Loving the sample from 'Thinking Of You'”
Dj 19 (JP)
“Awesome remix. Loving it. Full support.”
Beatdoctor (NO)
Kris Von (BG)
Cause=Time (US)
“Great track!! Love the disco feel”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“Nice production with familiar sounds. Great work !!!!”
Alf Kylfält (SE)
“Famous Track full support !!!”
Dj Ds (FR)
“lovely disco-infused tune”
Red Beard (DE)
“Great release! Club Mix for me ”
Dimix (BE)
“Its a good one! Uplifting to the max!”
Danny Slade (GB)
“Nice melody and uplifting vibe. Thanks for sending!”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Crackin tune , added to my Birthday playlist for this Saturday 😁 Thank you 😁”
Silver K (GB)
“good track ! ”
Benji De La House (FR)
“Absolute quality from Sanny of course!”
Simon Sinfield (GB)
Graham Gold (TH)
Lorenzo Al Dino (AT)
“A great addition to the original as only the Disco Duo can do!”
Fallow (US)
“Sanny X quality productions as always”
Tsalikee (GR)
“Love it ...”
Mark Doyle (GB)

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