About The Promo App - FAQ

What is The Promo App?

It's a digital promo system for promoting mp3s, primarily to DJs, but also to blogs, fans and anyone else in and around the global electronic dance music scene.

I'm a DJ/Journalist/Blogger - Can I get mp3 promos?

Sure, sign up for the mailing list, or go ahead and react to a promo. If you're bona fide I'll add you to the list and/or send you the mp3 link by return.

Who develops The Promo App?

It's developed by me, Moussa Clarke. I've been a DJ and record producer for 20 years, and have had a long and colourful career in both the music and craft beer industries. I'm also a bit of a closet geek and this is one of the manifestations of that. I run Oven Ready, an umbrella for my creative activities in the music, visual and digital spheres.

Why does it exist?

I've always had a DIY attitude to things and I like messing around with design and code and solving problems. I receive a tonne of music promos every day via a variety of online promotional tools. Some of these are great, but I felt there were some things I could implement that were better suited to my own workflow. I do a lot of remixes and music production, and I run a record label, Glamour Punk. I thought I could use a good system to promote my stuff more effectively, so I set about creating one.

Can I buy it and/or use it for my own promotions?

The app is stable, but it's only really been designed for a single user (me!). I've been approached by various people keen for me to develop something similar for them, and I am gradually working my way round to making a commercial version, and integrating it with a couple of other label management tools I'm working on. In the meantime, I do mail out on other labels' behalf for a small fee (I'm fairly picky about what I mail though) You're welcome to email me to find out more, or you could check out some of the people operating in this space such as FatDrop, Promo Push and Label-Worx.

What's different about this one?

The main advantage is for my own workflow: it integrates with Mailchimp for the mailouts, and keeps me updated with reactions via email using SparkPost. On the design front, I've tried to make it both simple to use, and aesthetically pleasing. It plays nicely with socials networks such as Facebook, Google Plus et al. I wanted a hybrid of open social media/viral sharing and closed tastemaker promotion. Promos can be shared online, but you can restrict downloads to people who are signed up to the mailing list. It's by no means a perfectly secure system (nothing online is) but it does the job. The system also tweets out reactions have been submitted automatically, and will tweet the DJ if we have their Twitter handle. Each promo has got a nice little player widget for blogs etc which links back to the main promo page. There's also a reporting module which delivers geographical data and other stats and insight. It does lots of other cool little things too, plus I'm constantly refining, adding and trying new things.

What's it written in?

The usual suspects: a combination of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. It takes advantage of a bunch of other cool stuff that people make available for free online, including Twig, Trumbowyg, JPlayer and Qtip. It looks and works best in modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

What's next?

There's still loads of improvements to be made - there's a planned feature list which I'm gradually implementing as and when I get the chance, including UI improvements and integration into my label tools suite. Watch this space.

I've got other questions or I want to hire you - How do I get hold of you?

I'm available for DJ bookings and remixes, or for digital marketing consultancy and development projects. The easiest way to reach me is via email on info@ovenready.net.