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Artist:Moussa Clarke & Zak Gee feat. Rachel Gavaletz
Title: “Still Feel The Rain” (Laurent Schark & Yam Who? Remixes)
Label:Midnight Riot

Brand new from Moussa Clarke & Zak Gee and out on the mighty Midnight Riot - this is a lovingly produced future retro disco update of the early 90s balearic anthem Still Feel The Rain - featuring big strings, funky guitar, bass and brass section and a truly awesome vocal performance courtesy of NYC songstress Rachel Gavaletz.

We now bring you the sublime remixes from French electro funk master Laurent Schark and Midnight Riot label boss and disco/boogie exponent Yam Who?, two huge re-interpretations.

With solid early support from Groove Armada, Stonebridge, Rayko, Mark Doyle (Fierce Angel), Allister Whitehead, David Dunne (Triple Dee) and many many more, this is shaping up to be a biggie!

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Selected Feedback:      

“on this ”
Gary Dedman (GB)
“Downloading on behalf of Andi Durrant and This Is Distorted Ltd. Suitable promos also given to EDX, Don Diablo, Chicane, Dyro, Dannic and Kryder - thanks, Suzanne Chesterton ”
Andi Durrant (GB)
“Laurent Schark Remix!!!!!!!”
Different Grooves (IT)
“Yam Who does it for me. Nice!”
Nick Power (GB)
“Yam Who? remix is dope. ”
Khillaudio (BE)
“Loving the "Yam Who?" mix - great vibe throughout. The Laurent Schark mix starts out really well but the computerised vox on it spoils it big time, unfortunately.”
Dean Facer (GB)
“very well done, super HQ for the kind!”
Francesco Farfa (IT)
“Solid remix here,full support !”
Dj Nodus (FR)
Raul Rincon (DE)
“cool vibes, thanks!”
Emran (RU)
Cause=Time (US)
“Sounds so classic!! Loves the Yam Who? Remix”
Dj 19 (JP)
“Great job!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
“Yes! Funky funk of funkiness! Support on”
The Chewb (GB)
“love this! ”
Djs From Mars (IT)
“Nice summer track will fit in my 2 charlie sets.thanks for sending.”
Paul Hawcroft (GB)
“Always love a disco vibe!”
Dj Phoole (US)
“Yes! The Yam Who mix just takes it to a bigger place - Solid pack;)”
Fallow (GB)
“Love em !”
Mark Doyle (GB)
Da Lukas (IT)
“bomb all mixes !! support !!”
Jerem A (FR)
“Both are Funky Muthas but I like the strings on the second mix the best!”
Danny Slade (GB)
“Great summer vibe! Like it”
Kev Green (GB)
“Laurent Schark's remix oozes sexiness, quality and orginality. Yam Who?'s version is up there with the traditional (but unique) house sound of the best. ”
Matthew Chandler (GB)
“Nice release! thanks”
No Hopes (RU)
Kirillich (RU)
“very cool to the disco vibe.. commerical style vocal.. ”
Lenny Fontana (US)
“very nice tracks - thanks for sending :)”
Plastik Perversion (GB)
“Ufff Massive one :) Funky Junction ”
Costantino Padovano (US)
“I can use both mixes but the Yam Who? is my fav. Love everything Moussa Clarke does, there is always a place in my show for him.”
Harry Frank Towers (US)
Groove Analyzer (DE)
“Good work! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“Great summer tune!”
Dimix (BE)
“COOL release! Laurent Schark my fav. Thnx)”
B-Max (UA)
“Excellent release as usual! The Laurent Schark Remix is my pick!”
John G (US)
“Bravo Laurent, bravo Rachel”
Tsalikee (GR)
“Yam Who? Remix is awesome, thanks!”
Sebocat (AT)
“Cool disco vibe in both mixes. Thank you!”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Excellent remixes, Loving Laurent masterpiece, Support!”
Zak Gee (GB)
Madjam (LB)
“solid tune!! killer”
Red Beard (GB)
“Nice boogie”
Mikkel Halvorsen (NO)
“love both, great disco tune”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“very funkee”
Dj Gruja (RS)
Kris Von (BG)
“Funky vibes!”
John Course (AU)
“Nice grooves.”
Chad Jackson (GB)
“Two incredible remixes on this stunning release!”
Jamie Topham (GB)
Nonion Breed (GR)
“nice remix by Yam Who?! !! funky ”
Lars Behrenroth (CA)
“Very good work....well done”
Miguel Mancha (PT)
“The Yam Who? remix is straight out of the 70s disco goodness.”
Dancefloor Mayhem (US)
“Those chords....LOVE”
Stonebridge (SE)
“The original worked better than expected for me so it's time to get the remixes out there. Full support.”
Beatdoctor (NO)
“Nice track, good remixes, perfect for the early nights on the club and down on the beach, full support mate.”
Tobbe P A.k.a Dj Thessla (SE)
“cool groove. old school hed kandi style”
Techcrasher (NL)
“Massive!! Loving the Yam Who? Remix, more oldschool style. I'm absolutely loving the LAurent Schark Remix! This fits my sets really well. Will put on rotation.”
Maragakis (CA)
“Yam Who? Remix for me. Thank you! [url]”
Sonic Seven (AT)
“Yam Who? remix - very tasty!!!”
Nour Makhambetov (KZ)
“will try... Thanks”
Mike Ivy (US)
“Maaan!!!! Can not choose, both versions are super cool, very well worked on. Will support as always, thanks for that summer'ish vibes! ”
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