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Artist:Dimitris Dagas feat. Tone Richardson
Title: “I'm Ready” (Original & Zak Gee Mixes)
Label:Glamour Punk

Are you ready? Glamour Punk gets down to quality business as usual. Greek producer Dimitris Dagas teams up with Tone Richardson for a beautiful and atmospheric vocal deep house journey, full of powerful reese style basslines, sparkling synths and laidback guitar grooves. Label regular Zak Gee brings the house bounce, skipping beats and jumping keys.


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Selected Feedback:      

Lorenzo Al Dino (DE)
“Tasty release. Great original with a slice of magic from Zak Gee. Support.”
Simon Sinfield (GB)
“Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ”
Nick Fiorucci (IN)
“Zak's remix is very good, thanks!”
Artie Flexs (LV)
“Like the vibe in Zak Gee's version. Thanks!”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Really good. Both versions are great. A bonus dub mix could complete.”
Dj Manuel Perez (FR)
“Nice deep vibe on the original”
Kev Green (GB)
“Both tracks are nice. But the rmx for me, this is is my fave. Great work. The vocal is also nice. Thank you.”
Norbert Meszes (HU)
“quality grooves.”
Miled Moussa (BH)
Jerem A (FR)
“As usual Zak Gee did a great job.. thanks :) ”
Amir Sharara (AE)
“Love the Zak Gee remix!”
Dimix (BE)
“radio play”
Roger Shah (DE)
Ton De Kruyf (NL)
“Remix is doin it!”
Danny Slade (GB)
“Great job!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
“Love the original & then Zak has taken it to another level. Cracking remix/cracking release - Full Support:-)”
Fallow (GB)
Chris Wilson (AU)
“Grabbing this one. Thnx”
Claes Rosen (SE)
“great tunes”
Dj Taj (US)
“Great release!!!”
Aaron F (GB)
“Nice song and melodies thanks”
Tsalikee (GR)
“im really feeling that zak gee rmx”
Dj Dice (US)
“Zak Gee Remix for me”
Yakka (HR)
“Both mixes are good but a prefer the airy Original mix.”
Dj Coldfield (SE)
“Nicely done but not for my sets, sorry :)”
Steve'butch'jones (GB)
“Zak Gee Remix for me, thanks!!”
Jon Medina (ES)
“Nice,thanks !”
Kris Von (BG)
“good tracks!”
Juanfra Munoz (ES)
“Thanks for the EP”
Dave Pineda (US)
“Zak Gee Remix Thanks”
Marco Mei (TW)
“zak gee for me”
Phil Vid (GB)
“Massive tune. I love the Zak Gee Remix. Full support.”
Beatdoctor (NO)
“Good work, Will try out”
Jj Mullor (ES)
“Good work! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“Really cool tune! Support.”
Beethoven Tbs (IT)
“Nailed it!!!! :-) ”
Martijn Dazzle (NL)
“Original getting great phases, and nice melodies. Zak's one the housey side that can be very interesting to play in the club. Will certainly give some spins on this remix out there.”
Wilson Costa (FR)
“feeling the Zak Gee mix out of all of them.”
Dj Bennyhy (GB)
“Not my thing I'm afraid!”
Kickflip (GB)
“Very melodic remix from Zak Gee! Big thanks!”
Vladimir Naumov (UA)
“both are good but the remix is my favorite. thanks!”
Different Grooves (IT)
“Zak Gee Remix is very smooth and nice, thx!”
Sebocat (AT)
“great job on the remix ”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“Zak Gee has done it again!:-)”
Tommy Olsen (NO)
“Zak Gee remix is nice.”
David Vendetta (FR)
“buth versions sound prwtty/ i take yourself for the SHOW remix! Thank U 4 the intresting releases. Moussa. I wrote U a lette asking to REC your Voice 4 the presentation of your remix. U received?”
Slavaka Azallie (RU)
“Very nice indeed! A truly beautiful release :)”
Dean Facer (GB)
“Very precious track ! Nice shot”
Fat Phaze (FR)
“Zak Gee mix”
Matt Black (GB)
“Zak Gee Remix is so nice, uplifting vibes!”
Hady Tarek (EG)
Aleksij (SI)
“Nice Deep & Organic vibe , Full support! Thank you!”
Le Brion (US)
Graham Gold (TH)
“Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered for EDX, Chicane, PvD and BCM Radio Shows. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton. [email] ”
Andi Durrant (GB)
“The Zak Gee remix is nice!”
Sonic Seven (AT)
“Zak Gee remix - simplicity and pureness in great combination! ”
Nour Makhambetov ( (KZ)
“Really like Zak Gee remix”
Gavyn Mitchel (GB)
“Zak attack!”
Rose & Paul (CA)
“Great track, both the original and ZakĀ“s remix, but in my sets the remix fits best :) Support”
Tobbe P A.k.a Dj Thessla (SE)
“Zak Gee for a feel that's warm and wintry all at once \o/”
Dj Phoole (US)
“Zak all the way”
Red Beard (CR)
“Zak's remix for me thanks.”
Paul Moore (GB)
“So nice <3”
Beyond Radio (DE)
“Zak Gee's remix presents a lot of substance. ”
Matthew Chandler (GB)
“As usual Zak Gee nails this. This man knows House! ”
Richard Dally (GB)
“good work”
Miguel Mancha (PT)
“Great! thanks for promo!”
Emran (AZ)
“good pack, awesome remix from Zak!!! thanks”
Oliver Petrovski (MK)
“Love both mixes great one this.”
Paul Jacobson (GB)

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