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Artist: Sunny Terrace
Title: “Super National” (Original, DJ Generous & Alex Vives Mixes)
Label: Glamour Punk
Date: 02/09/2014

South Korean producer Sunny Terrace returns to Glamour Punk following his recent well-received remix for Wilson Costa & Maggie B's Once Upon A Time. Super National goes beyond state borders with a wistful and hopeful 80's inflected sound, carefully constructed to wrap your whole club or festival crowd in its warm synth-laden melodic embrace. DJ Generous' remix is a proper melodic progressive house groover, which has already got the seal of approval from the likes of Jaytech. We also have our old friend Alex Vives making his studio comeback, dropping the tempo and working the bass for the Nu-Disco crew.

Another quality release on Glamour Punk!

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Selected Feedback:      

“Loving the Alex Vives Remix. With this package, in my opinion - less is more!”
Aaron F (GB)
“Nice track and mixes”
Chad Jack (US)
“love it.. full support”
Stephan Grondin (ZZ)
“Yeah! Very cool track! Like the remixes too. Thanks a lot :)”
Artie Flexs (LV)
“Good work! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“Alex Vives Remix for me”
Jay Kay (GB)
“Alex Vives is great!”
John Gibbons (IE)
“Nice clean sound. Love it!”
Thomas Hallin (SE)
“great job, full support”
Nick Chatelain (ES)
“Cool,thanks !”
Kris Von (BG)
“i will try!! thanks for the music!!!”
Andy Spinelli (ES)
“Alex did a nice remix, smooth melody”
Manchini (LT)
“Nice release. Thanks for sending. Download for DJ Wad.”
Dj Wad (MU)
Aleksij (SI)
“wont give me the download page.... let's try again Awesome work”
Eddie J Santos (GB)
“90s Balaerica on the DJ Generous mix. Nicely done. Best enjoyed by sunlight, this one! Thanks.”
Arkay (GB)
“Great pack.. Original is awesome.”
Amir Sharara (AE)
Phil Vid (GB)
“original and alex vives for me :) great pack”
Jerem A (FR)
“Alex Vives rmx is perfect to me!. High quality Progressive here. Full support on Progress, Thx.”
Matheus Tusikas Schutz (BR)
“feelin this - great package”
Chris Wilson (AU)
“LOVE that bass line/sax”
Rafe Cohan (US)
“Beautiful, melodic, progressive deep, memories of the past time, the club Slava! Identified for themselves the original and Alex Vives Remix!”
Igor Nikitin (RU)
“downloading for , thanks for sending!!!”
Different Grooves (IT)
“Nice remix from Alex Vives”
Lucas Reyes (FR)
“Original is nice”
Dj Gogzy (HR)
“nice melody here”
Christian Homan (IE)
“its the original mix for me, downloading for [url] :)”
Steve'butch'jones (GB)
“Alex Vives gots a quite cool funky infused bass rolling. Great work.”
Wilson Costa (FR)
“great package thanks 4 the music”
Marco Mei (TW)
“Original is awesome !!! Warming Up MUST HAVE !!!”
Jan Vervloet (BE)
“AV remix perfect for Barcelona DosTrece Restaurant and Lounge Brunch sessions!!”
Mark J (ES)
“Also supporting all three mixes on IdealClubWorld Radio on Phoole & the Gang xx”
Dj Phoole (US)
“Original for me thanks!”
Jon Lee (US)
“Nice warm sound to Alex Vives mix!”
Rose & Paul (CA)
“Not bad. Definitely a grower!”
Kev Green (GB)
“Another massive release from Glamour Punk. Will support on Ideal Clubworld Radio. :)”
Beatdoctor (NO)
“Solid progressive tune! +++ love the original vibe most! and Generous' remix is good for bigroom sets ;)”
D.pole (US)
“Yeah – Not bad this. It could use a decent vocal line...”
Neil Brown (GB)
“Alex Vives Remix brings a cool feeling on it. Great for Sunset Sessions ;)”
Joris Dee (DE)
“Nice Vibe”
Frank Lamboy (US)
“Nice one. Like the original. Thanks!”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Perfect for a beach set - it's the Original for me!”
Mixgeselle (DE)
“Alex Vives remix is the one for me...vibey NuDisco sounds”
Red Beard (CR)
“fantastic! original is stellar!”
Dj Taj (US)
“Downloading on behalf of Andi Durrant. Andi will let you know if he’s playing it on the shows. Many thanks, Suzanne Chesterton. [email]”
Andi Durrant (GB)
“smooth,loving it!!!!!”
Dj Dice (US)
“Just ok for me...”
Mike Ivy (US)
“The Original is a cool Summer blissed out sexy groover. DJ Generous Mix is also good.”
Nippa (GB)
“Nice package- all 3 sound good, nice reinterpretations of the original. Thanks!”
Madjam (LB)
“Nice happy summery vibe to the original mix”
Dan Slipper (GB)
“Nice remix this one”
Paul Jacobson (GB)
“What a great production, not normally my style of house but this is great, support from me! Some great remixes to boot! Niiiice (HouseTherapy / Idealclubworld)”
Adrian Kay (AD)
“Too late for the party, but who cares when the track is absolutely amazing! Love this guy and the label”
Mahdi Asadi 'Suprano" (IR)
“Great job!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
“I Like the Alex Vives Remix”
Andrei Kuzmin (RU)
“May try the original, cheers :)”
Jaytech (AU)
“Like original mix! Good summer vibes!”
Night Train (RU)
“Ji puts out quality stuff all the time! Support, thanks!”
Dave Pineda (CA)
“Grabbing for Max Graham. Please check Cycles Radio for support.”
Max Graham (US)
“Vives remix is the one for me - horns bring the funk to this one! Will support on Ideal Clubworld Radio.”
Richard Dally (GB)
“Love the original mix”
Dimix (BE)
“Its a warm up track for me but nice vibe none the less”
Si Paul (Lost Witness) (GB)
“Yes this sound awesome. That bassline is groovy.”
Dj Bennyhy (GB)
“High quality releases again, again and again. This is also a nice stuff, thank you very much!”
Norbert Meszes (HU)
“Coo! will try out, thank you”
Jj Mullor (ES)
“Original is gorgeous!! Great track to end a fantastic summer!”
John G (US)
“Dope package! Thank you!”
Rj Pickens (US)
“Orig and Vives remixes for me.”
Alex Blanco (GB)
“It's the original for me then the Alex Vives mix as it adds a nice twist. Another quality pack - Cheers:)”
Fallow (GB)
“nice one, thanks ::”
Kenny Brian (PE)
“The original is peaktime worthy however the Alex Vives puts a cool spin on the original with a sexy laid back groove :)”
Brian Cody (IE)

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