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Artist:DJ Groove & Audio Girls
Title: “Gangsta Boogie” (Sour 'n' Sweet & Joris Dee Mixes)
Label:Glamour Punk

DJ Groove gets into the ring with the Audio Girls to deliver a barnburner of a hip house tune, with pitched down retro rap vocals that will be familiar to the old time heavyweights.

Sour 'n' Sweet give it some techy jabs and hooks while keeping the old school house vibes. Joris Dee tries out his rope a dope style with a house baseline vibe.

Mama said it, don't you know, so kiss that canvas. Out soon on Glamour Punk!

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Selected Feedback:      

“Nice Joris Dee remix. Thanks!”
Ivo Solachki (BG)
“Joris Dee Remix Rocks! Full support”
Mehdi Electromix (FR)
“cool groove, thanks you ::”
Kenny Brian (PE)
“Will be testing”
Frank Lamboy (US)
“Sour 'n' Sweet give us a ravin' hip-house rendition on driving insistence. Stonkin. Joris Dee heads in a straight house direction, nicely garnished with a few siren touches.”
Clive Craske (GB)
“cool mix”
Dj Youdai (CN)
“Joris Dee Remix for me!!!”
Sergio Matina (IT)
“Joris Dee's remix is a chunky groover, perfect for taking the party in a weird and lovely direction. Thanks!”
Rj Pickens (US)
“Will try them out! Thanks!”
Artie Flexs (LV)
“Sour 'n' Sweet rmx for me, it is cool, but Joris Dee rmx also good. Thank you!”
Norbert Meszes (HU)
“Nice remix,thanks !”
Kris Von (BG)
“Sour 'n' Sweet for me please!:)”
John G (US)
“downloading for [url] :)”
Steve'butch'jones (GB)
“solid track”
Phil Vid (GB)
“Not for my sets, but cool remix from Sour 'n' Sweet.”
Kickflip (GB)
“Joris Dee remix is dope! Will play”
Risksoundsystem (NL)
“Joris Dee Remix is cool...”
Mike Ivy (US)
“Nice oldskool filth from Joris Dee! Downloading for Phoole & the Gang on IdealClubWorld Radio :D”
Dj Phoole (US)
“Great remix.. will play it Deffff”
Ton De Kruyf (NL)
“Joris Dee remix for me as it gives the rhythm some space to breathe. Sour 'n Sweet mix does a good job with the rap but there is just too much going on.”
Richard Dally (GB)
Jj Mullor (ES)
“Good work! thanks!”
Dezz Desmond (VN)
“Nice funky and chunky track. Thanks!”
Dave Pineda (CA)
“S&S mix is great!”
Rose & Paul (CA)
“Joris did a great job, Full support”
Lex Loofah (GB)
“Like both mixes but this one works well for me :)”
Paul Jacobson (GB)
“You can't compete with the original but the Sweet & Sour mix is a good contender. Both great alternatives. Thanks:)”
Fallow (GB)
“Joris Dee Remix for me! Good bassline”
Alex Vives (UA)
“the Joris Dee remix is my favorite track. thanks for sending!”
Different Grooves (IT)
“Interesting project, i'll try in my next sets 4 sure, thanx!”
Beethoven Tbs (IT)
Jerem A (FR)
“Joris Dee, dark!!. Good underground. I liked, Thanks!.”
Matheus Tusikas Schutz (BR)
“The Joris Dee mix is groovin'. Thanks for the share.”
Gregor Btb (CA)
“The Sweet n Sour mix does it for me - complete ANIMAL!”
Aaron F (GB)
“These are cracking me. Joris Dee mix my fav at this point”
Greg Churchill (NZ)
“Joris Dee this my good reaction. Not bad”
Igor Nikitin (RU)
“Joris Dee Remix makes me recall of 90s house tracks. I'll go with it.”
Cristian Poow (AR)
“so so so good”
Dj Skoota (AU)
“downloading for Markus Schulz”
Markus Schulz (US)
“Sour'n'Sweet sick remix!!!!!;)) And Joris Dee likes too!!!!”
Groove (RU)
“Play Joris Dee Remix thanks 4 the music”
Marco Mei (TW)
“Faukingggg hottttt”
Richard Vission (ZZ)
“the original is where its at for me but nice compliment mixes”
Si Paul (Lost Witness) (GB)
“Cool remix from Joris Dee.”
Nick Hook (GB)
“Love the groove on Joris Dee's remix ...gonna thrash this! :)”
Adrian Kay (AD)
“Joris Dee remix has some dirty oldskool vibes...sweet”
Red Beard (CR)
“Nice release. Thanks for sending. Download for DJ Wad.”
Dj Wad (MU)
“nice remixes. great grooves!”
Dj Taj (US)
“LL Cool J back in the house!”
Luc Poublon (NL)
“Love the Sour 'n' Sweet Remix!! Well done!”
Dimix (BE)

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